The Leading Prestigious Dental Chain in Vietnam HA NOI HAI PHONG NGHE AN DA NANG HCM CITY

Paris Dental Clinic – The leading prestigious French standard chain of dental clinic in Vietnam

Being a pioneer in applying painless French standard dental technologies in Vietnam, Paris Dental Clinic confirms the reputation and is proud of being the leading dental clinic chain in Vietnam. We hope to become your companion in tooth care and smile aesthetics.


❇ History

– In 2014 January, Paris Dental Clinic was launched. After 2 years, we became an credited address for customer in cosmetic dentistry.

– In 2016 January, we opened the second clinic in HCM city.

– On October 17th 2016, Paris expanded four clinic including two ones in HCM city, one clinic in Hai Phong and one clinic in Vinh city.

– On December 24th 2016, we continued opening one clinic in Da Nang, that marked a successful year of the French technology dental clinic chain .

Paris Dental Clinic – The leading prestigious French standard chain of dental clinic in Vietnam 1

❇ Development orientation: French standard aesthetic teeth

We always make effort to become an address of caring and changing customers’ smiles with standards about Aesthetic – Beauty – Safety – Modern:

– Training cooperation of ADF standard dentists.

– Transferring cooperation of modern French procedures and techniques.

– Organizing of consultations with the participation of French experts in complex cases.

– Investment in French standard equipment and facilities.


” If you want to own beautiful smiles, why don’t choose Paris Dental Clinic?”

Over 10-year-experienced dentists

We own an over 10-year-experienced dentist team. Most of our dentists are members of European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ECSD). For example, Mrs Hai Nguyen Minh, Mrs My Nong Tra, Mr Duc Nguyen Tien, Mr Minh Nguyen Dac, Mr Long Thai Quoc.

The dentist team in Paris will bring best results for customers

Besides, we often organize training cooperation lessons with foreign experts in the field of aesthetic dentistry. These lessons are about porcelain, implants, orthodontics to improve the dentist level and solve complex cases.

IMG_6476 Chuyên viên nha khoa Pháp trực tiếp đào tạo chuyên sâu cho đội ngũ bác sĩ tại cơ sở 6

A seminar about transferring implant technology with French partners

Updating advanced dental technologies in the world

Paris Dental Clinic has the modern technology system including:

– Perfect 3D Teeth Design

– NO PAIN Dental Procedure 6.0

– Extra AS – Safe Sterile System

– 4S Implant+ 5- dimensional CT Porcelain

– Laser Teeth Whitening and etc.

These technologies are tested about quality, efficiency, technical standards and safegy with the human body by the international accreditation system of French Dental Association (ADF).

Modern facilities

We have imported equipment directly from reputed dental providers in the world. Under the guide of foreign experts, machineries are operated safely and accurately to bring good effects for customers.

The imported equipment ensure dental performances done with the ADF standard procedure

 Safe and sterile process

– We utilize a smart Extra aseptic system using a sterilization lighting system.- There are lots of advanced sterilization equipment such as Auto Clave sterile steamed oven, W&H aseptic packaging machine, Pro aseptic tool storage cabinet and etc.

With many strong points about medical team, technology, facility as well as process, Paris Dental Clinic strivens to become the companion of caring family’s smiles.

Do you have dental problems or want to get teeth aesthetics? Please contact us through hotline 1900.6900 for directly supporting!


– Address:

♦ 179C, 3/2 St, Ward 11, District 10

♦ 97 Cong Hoa St, Ward 4, Tan Binh District

♦ 212 Bis Tran Hung Dao St, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1


– Add: 39 Quang Trung St, Hoan Kiem District


– Add: 314 To Hieu St, Le Chan District


– Add: 143 Nguyễn Van Cu St, Vinh city, Nghe An


– Add: 52 Le Dinh Ly St, Thac Gian Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang

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