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Paris Dental Clinic held a French technology dental seminar in Vietnam

On 17th September, 2016, Paris Dental Clinic held a French technology dental seminar in Hanoi and HCM city. This seminar attracted more than 500 guests and medias. Thanks to an impressive lauching, Paris Dental Clinic is well-known as a French standard dental clinic chain in Vietnam.

At the seminar, experts from European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD) directly consulted and answered concerns about dental aesthetics as well as supported oral disease treatment. Besides, the seminar had prizes counting to 1 billion VND for lucky customers.

8:30 am

In Fortuna hotel (6B Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi): Many customers were present to participate in the seminar. Although the starting time was 9:00 am,  some customers went earlier to be consulted by dentists.

At the same time, in Gala Center (415 Hoang Van Thu Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh District, HCM city): the number of customer was no inferior than Hanoi.



Lots of customers were presented before the seminar began


In HCM city: Attending people were crowded, including many families

9:30 am

The seminar offically started by a speech of Mr Thu Tran Do – the deputy general director of Paris Dental Clinic.


Mr Thu Do Tran made the speech


In Hanoi: There was no empty seat and guests listened the seminar carefully


In HCM city, a seminar room was also full of people

10:00 am

The serminar attracted the attention and interest of many customers and medias because of the grand opening ceremony of the 7th and 8th of Paris Dental Clinic in Hai Phong and Vinh city.


In Hanoi: Mr Thu Tran Do, Paris dentists and a French expert joined in the launching of Paris Dental Clinic chain


In HCM city: Paris’s management committee and the dentist team cut the ribbon to lauch Paris Dental Clinic Chain

  • The ceremony of transferring French standard dental technology: Mr Thu Tran Do – the representer of Paris Dental Clinic and Dr. Gérard de Nerval from France joined in the signing ceremony. At the same time, Paris dentists were awarded membership certifications of European Dental Association.


The signing of dental technology transfer in Hanoi


Dr Gérard de Nerval gave Paris dentists certifications


At the same time in HCM city, the signing of cooperation and technology transfer between Paris Dental Clinic and French Dental Association was being conducted.

10:30 am

One expert from Paris Dental Clinic shared about treatment regimens and advanced French dental technologies such as 5-dimensional CT porcelain, 4S implant, 3M UGSL braces, Laser teeth whitening or some technologies supporting for dental treatment as Laser fillings, painless tooth extraction, endodontic treatment, root canal treatment by microsurgery, ultrasound tartar removal and etc.


In Hanoi: Dr My Nong Tra – an orthodontic specialist shared about dental knowledge


Guests listened in the seminar


In HCM city: Dr. Hai Nguyen Minh talked about the importance of oral health care

11:00 am

At 11:00 am, the lucky draw program began.


In Hanoi: There were 5 luckiest customers in the seminar


In HCM city: There was a lucky draw program with a big prize counting to 100 million VND

 11:30 am

After the end of seminar, guests had opportunities to be consultated and examinated freely by dentists.

In Hanoi:



Paris dentist examinated for customer

In HCM city:


The consulting area was very crowded with many customers and dentists.


Young people also joined in examination with Paris dentists.

After the seminar, many guests made appointments with Paris Dental Clinic.

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