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Dental services

Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening is a teeth whitening revolution used in over 70 countries. At the moment, this method is occupying the majority [...]

eCligner – invisible braces

eCligner with invisible trays is an outstanding step of cosmetic dentistry. With the innovative technique, clear trays make other [...]

3M UGSL Braces

Crooked teeth or protruding teeth or wrong bite makes you unconfident when laughing? Don’t be worry, 3M UGSL braces will help you [...]


Denture is considered as a traditional dental restoration method which is cost-saving. This is a simple teeth making technique basing [...]

Dental bone graft

Applying an advanced microsurgical technology, being advised by French orthopedists, Paris Dental Clinic is a pioneer in the dental [...]

Dental implant

4S dental implant is a wonderful solution for tooth loss. This method uses durable porcelain crown and Titanium-Zirco implant which [...]

Porcelain Bridge

How to restore teeth with the minimum cost? Porcelain Bridge is a great solution that can meet  both above requirements. This method [...]

5S Compo Lumineer

5S compo Lumineer is a solution overcoming weaknesses of teeth such as ugly, chipped or missing teeth without teeth grinding. This is [...]

Porcelain Veneer

Veneer is know as “an ideal mask” for bad teeth. It helps to reshape teeth in a short time without using porcelain tooth or [...]

5 – dimensional CT porcelain teeth

Cosmetic Porcelain Teeth Nano Shining 5S is an advanced aesthetic porcelain crown solution. Your new teeth will be durable, natural and [...]