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Dental services

Laser Tech fillings

Cosmetic fillings with Laser Tech technology overcome disadvantages of normal filling methods. Laser Tech fillings help you to repair [...]

New porcelain teeth in just 1 day

New porcelain teeth in just 1 day is an unique technology of Paris Dental Clinic. This is an outstanding step in modern dentistry [...]

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a dental technique which is suitable for pulp hurting and myelitis to preserve natural teeth maximumly. [...]

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is a popular disease of mouth at all ages and all objects. Tooth decay not only causes pain but also loses teeth. The [...]

Painless tooth extraction

A modern anesthesia system including gels, sprays, injections under the auto control helps tooth extraction happen gently, painlessly. [...]

Elas – Tooth crystal

E.Las – the technology of sticking diamond/stone into teeth can make difference and style for people. E.Las brings a hot trend of [...]

Teeth whitening guard

Teeth whitening by guard is an ideal way to improve teeth color without going to the dentist. Simple implement, low cost and doing at [...]